Give your bike a Boost  

Arrive in style

Boost your bike for luxury city travel - make the hills vanish

Safety by design

Designed and built in the UK by Cambridge engineers, DIY or bike shop install

The easiest kit to install

Just a battery and wheel to fit to your bike at our approved bike shops

Powerful and quiet

15.5mph top speed with 50km range


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The motor

You replace your rear wheel with a brand new one, with a motor in the middle.

Your new wheel matches your bike; choose the size, rim colour, spoke colour and number of speeds.

Rear wheel motors are safer than having the extra weight of a motor on the front wheel.

The battery

Your battery weighs only 1.5kg and fits in place of a water bottle.

It has a key to securely lock onto the bike, and unlock to charge.

The controller

Our controller is the jewel in the crown; it's a UK developed, automotive grade circuit board hidden in the battery mount.

The controller has a single cable to the motor and talks to our phone app.

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