Become a Boost Retailer

Benefit from the e-bike boom with the Boost kit

The LaVita Boost is an exciting new e-bike conversion kit that can upgrade most hybrid, road and mountain bikes to electric. It has only two parts; a rear-hub motor and a battery pack, with only a single cable. The battery is lockable and removable.

After a pilot scheme with bike shops in 2021 we're ready to receive expressions of interest from local bike shops who would like to be the first retailer for in their local area. Please leave your email address now and we'll get back to you shortly.

With recommended retail cost of £595 (plus a charge to build a wheel for a customer) and a 30% trade margin, it's already become an attractive option for bike shops to benefit from the huge interest in e-bikes.

What is an Approved Retailer?

While some customers will be happy to convert their own bikes, we believe that the majority prefer a qualified professional to do the conversion and also offer a safety review of their bikes - maybe upgrade the brakes and replace the chain during the kit install.

The LaVita Boost is designed from the ground up to be installed and maintained by bike shops.

Become an Approved Retailers for these benefits...

Introductory Approved Retailers package

We're offering the following to our first retailers. No commitment is necessary in order to join the priority list.